(June 19) Fernando B. Sena’s New Paint Paint De Sarap Paint Workshop

****NEWSFLASH*** Booking lines for Maestro Fernando B Sena’s June’s ‪Art Workshop‬ “Paint Paint De Sarap Paint Workshop” are now OPEN!!!! Go to Fernando B. Sena’s Buenas Artes Artist Group to book into the ‪classes you want. ‪

Fernando B. Sena’s Buenas Artes Artist Group comprises mainly of painters who hold group art sessions at least once a month to paint portraits and still life. They also hold their own group shows known to be visited by art enthusiasts, serious art collectors and the who’s who of the local art scene in Manila. This community of painters has now opened their doors to 50 artists looking for the opportunity to connect with art professionals and show their work to a bigger audience.

Initially, “The Studio” was intended to be a private place where Maestro Sena and some of his students can share art ideas, paint together, and have small gatherings. But Mr. Sena’s willingness to share art has surpassed the original idea to a gallery filled with artworks from friends. It is now a workshop studio & an art facility to paint; learn and exhibit artworks. Buenas Artes is a group of beautiful, lovable, inspiring, aspiring and good artists who paint and draw with their God given talent in order to share, help and make joy with others and for others. This is a place founded by artists for artists.

The group just finished with “Maestro Sena’s Summer Art Workshops” and graduation was held recently at the Phil. Heart Center Auditorium. This coming June 2016, They will be introducing their new “Paint Paint De Sarap Paint Workshop” which is a 3-hr painting session complete with canvas (12″x16″) and paint and opportunity to be guided by Maestro himself; clients get to bring home their painted. Simply for the love of art, an invite to indulge you to a showcase of colorful artistry from Maestro Fernando Sena and friends happening June 19 for the art workshop and the series of exhibits will start on June 4.

Please call for inquiries.


Fernando B. Sena’s Buenas Artes Artist Group

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Fernando B. Sena’s Buenas Artes Artist Group
Fernando B. Sena’s Buenas Artes Artist Group Core Group Members

Maestro Fernando B. Sena

Fernando Sena has been teaching for 40+ years now and is acclaimed as the “Father of the Art Workshop” for his untiring effort in partaking his know how’s and flair to those who wish to learn art. A multifaceted painter, Sena was born in Tondo, Manila and has earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts major in Painting degree from the University of the East in 1971.

As the artist, Fernando Sena divides his time between his two passions, painting and teaching art. He is a painter of immense versatility. He is astute in using different mediums and is able to shift from one style to another. From being a cubist-pointillist to realist-impressionist, Sena is recognized for his delicate still life’s such as his trademark pandesal and toys. But he also tackles a whole range of subjects, such as landscapes, portraits, religious icons, and the everyday, commonplace states of people.

Fernando B. Sena’s Buenas Artes Artist Group
Still Life by Fernando B Sena Soft Pastel
Fernando B. Sena’s Buenas Artes Artist Group
Buko At Iba Paa by Fernando B. Sena Soft Pastel

His generosity to his students is legend as to him, a painter serves to function. He conveys not only basic knowledge but demonstrates the application of different art styles. He also teaches techniques that took him years to discover and develop. He gives this keenly and wholeheartedly, trusting that there is more where it came from “The Creator of Life.”

Personal and social in his convictions were he shares his knowledge and showcases one’s masterpieces to the people and to be able to earn money from it. In realizing this function, Sena has his home surrounded with paintings of his own and of his children. To continue his vocation, Sena established Fernando B. Sena’s Buenas Artes Artist Group.

The Core Members

Maxi V. Ramos

Maxi Ramos is an entrepreneurial wife and mother whose passion for painting has brought her to take up art lessons from the renowned master painter Maestro Fernando B. Sena in 2009. In 2014, she sold her very first painting on her first group exhibit “Bulaklaugh” at the Pinac Restaurant, UP Town Center. From then on, she has participated in 8 other group shows to-date. Maxi with the Buenas Artes Artist Group of Maestro Fernando B. Sena, manages Sena’s Buenas Artes Art Facility a gallery and workshop studio in Quezon City.

Bea Margaret P. Padua

Bea Padua showed interest in painting at a young age and became a student of Maestro Fernando B. Sena 15 years ago. She continued her love for the arts by studying Bachelors of Science in Architecture in the University of Santo Tomas (UST) and having her works displayed in design exhibitions.

She worked as a Design Consultant for a local firm in Singapore immediately after becoming a registered Architect in Philippines back in 2009. She came home after 5 years and decided to concentrate on her former mentor whom she met by accident after visiting her friend’s furniture showroom where his paintings were showcased. She has now returned to her passion for painting, practicing the use of palette knife under the tutelage of Maestro Sena once again.

Josephine Castro – Galvez

Josephine Castro – Galvez is a member of the Buenas Artes Group of Artists formed by Maestro Fernando B. Sena.

Growing up in a house located in the middle of rice fields filled by her father who’s a farmer has inspired her to paint of nipa huts, plants, flowers and rice lands. Her deep appreciation of the natural beauty of her childhood surroundings has brought her to take up painting classes from Maestro Fernando B. Sena to relieve it through artistic expression.

She has participated in several group exhibits and continues to paint mentored by the Maestro Sena. She believes that she draws great inspiration from god’s wonderful creation for which she is grateful.

Josephine is the only daughter of Ernesto and Marcela Castro and eldest with six brothers from Pandi, Bulacan. She is married to Osmando Galvez and mothers to Angelica and Angelo – her painting inspiration.

Reizel Musngi-Vibal

Reizel Musngi-Vibal is a hands-on mother of 4 sometimes 5, 6, 7 kids. She has her hands full all the time but manages to make time for her art. She is a graduate of Statistics from UP which probably explains her great attention to detail that is obvious in all of her paintings. She started taking classes with Maestro Fernando B. Sena in 2014 and hasn’t since looked back. She looks forward to enhancing her art skills and obtaining another degree from UP specifically painting.

Rhuel P. Remolado, OSA

Rhuel P. Remolado loves anything about arts since 2013 under the guidance of Maestro Fernando B. Sena. Who is now a humble member of Buenas Artes, which aims to strengthen friendships through the arts an authentic expression of his inner self.

Rowie Gallos-Marquez

They say you can’t really suppress the real you and that no matter which road you take, it will take you back to where you were really meant to be.

Rowie Gallos-Marquez graduated from the De La Salle University with a double Major in Economics and Finance and thereafter, her Master’s in Business Management from Asian Institute of Management. She worked in various financial institutions but always felt like a round peg in a square hole. Then she took up classes in jewelry design and porcelain painting and therein started her love affair with the arts. To enhance her skills in these, she took up art classes under Maestro Fernando Sena which further convinced her that she was meant to be in the creative field. She is also set to study again to obtain a degree in Creative Writing. Though she is truly happy, she is finally doing the things that gave her the greatest joy.

Wendy Dizon-Rondaris

Wendy Dizon-Rondaris completed her primary and secondary education at Woodrose School, AB Political Science at The Ateneo De Manila University and Interior Decorating at ICS her employment started at City trust Investment Banking Group and managed a Business Resort.

She is married, a full time parent to 2 children with business ventures on the side. Her love for painting started at a tender age of 6 and by 26 took formal lessons under Prof. Cai Zhen Hui. Most recently, rediscovered her craft under the tutelage of Maestro Fernando B. Sena with her works mostly on religious icons and natural landscapes.

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