(May 24th) Voyaging in Luminous Space: One Man Show by Pancho Piano

Passions Art Gallery presents Voyaging in Luminous Space, the new solo exhibition by renowned Global Filipino artist and Bicol’s pride, “Pancho Piano opening on May 24th 2016.

The exhibition will run from May 24th to June 5th 2016. Opening reception starts at 6:00pm.

(Address: 4th Level 407 Sm MegaMall Building A, EDSA, corner J. Vargas Avenue, Mandaluyong City, 1552, Metro Manila)

Pancho Piano will be available for press interviews during the exhibit from May 24th; interested journalists please contact Pancho at panchopiano22@yahoo.com and +639175343238 to make an appointment.

In all these cosmic voyages, there appear certain references to landmarks and architectural structures, such as imposing city gates or church spires, along with symbolic elements. They are viewed as though from a distance or from the eagle’s eye view of the world. ~Alice Guillermo

Multifaceted award winning artist Pancho Piano creates art in variety of styles: stained glass art, abstraction and mural painting. Pancho creates energy and movement successfully interweaving modern and traditional styles. A faithful son of “Kabikulan,” he has paid homage, in his numerous paintings in oil and acrylic, to the myths, legends and traditions of Bicol, its indigenous deities such as “Haliya,” the moon goddess of abundance and fertility with her multiple breast, and “Daragang Magayon” in the folktale of ill-starred lovers, as well as mythologies of Albay province and gives special homage to the Bicolano devotion to the Lady Peñafrancia. Aside from his liturgical art, Pancho M. Piano is also a poet of Bicol Southern Tagalog Region.

Pancho M. Piano completed Bachelor’s Degree in Economics at the University of Nueva Caceres (1978) who also took a degree in Fine Arts at the University of the Philippines Diliman as a Jose Joya Scholar (1984-1987).

Pancho is the first Filipino artist to showcase Leather Art in the Philippines. He has conducted 30+ solo exhibitions, over 50+ group exhibitions, and participated in international exhibitions in Japan, Saipan, and the United States of America, France, Austria, the Federal Republic of Germany, Belgium, Italy, and Switzerland.

He has traveled extensively to the United States and Europe voyages opening for him new perspectives of space and the universe.

Pancho has won over numerous major national competitions in the Philippines, including Finalist at the 1997 “AFP Centennial Mural Painting Competition,” and the 1998 “AAP Centennial Painting Competition.” Pancho was awarded “Artist of the Year Awards” for the total of twelve times by various Bicol institutions. He was bestowed as “Most Outstanding Bicolano Artist” in 2009, “My City My SM Award” in 2010 and “Orgullo Kan Award for Visual Arts” in 2011. Pancho Piano was also featured in television networks such as ABS-CBN, and in 10 coffee table book publications.

Pancho will be exhibiting in London this coming July 2016.  His subjects will be Philippines celebrations in abstract and figurative styles.  Feel free to contact Pancho for more information.

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  1. Feliza says:

    An artist can expand his horizons and discover new perspectives even without going places. I am sure that even before Pancho Piano had the opportunity to explore the world through his art, he has had already developed new and different perspectives of space and the universe of his homeland, which are evident in his works showcasing Bicol’s rich traditions and literature. An artist’s upbringing and the environment he grew up with are reflected in his art. – Feliza Charisse


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