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The One Lovely Blog Award

Thank you Dave Bignell’s Photo Blog for the nomination

I have been nominated for the One Lovely Blog award by Dave Bignell

of http://thephoblography.wordpress.com/

Every day he shares a different photo and anything else that comes into his mind.

Go check his blog out!

Thank you much more, than a greeting can say, because you were thoughtful, in such a nice way!

Part of the nomination process is to share seven things about myself and nominate 7 other bloggers. So here goes…

Seven things about me:

1. I am a Freelancer – just started a project this week. Hope that works out!

2. My passion is blogging and just recently started trading in Alibaba.com. Hope that works out too! 🙂

3. My second blog is Canarium,The First Virgin. Please stop by and follow. 😉


4. As for music, I pretty much stayed in the 80s era.  Blast from the past for me!

5. I am currently listening to Tori Amos Live from NY concert 1997 in YouTube!

6. I got an audio book of Fifty Shades of Grey. Thanks to my niece Nicole.

7. I will be 41 this Sept 5.

And my nominations are as follows:








Thank you thank you everyone for taking the time to stop by, commenting, liking and most especially, following!