Philippine Bamboo Bikes Hit the Trail – Southeast Asia Real Time – WSJ

Philippine Bamboo Bikes Hit the Trail – Southeast Asia Real Time –


Awesome! Bike frame made from Bamboo..Wonderful article from Wall Street Journal.

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    1. Made in the Philippines!


    1. Don’t worry, it won’t break. They are very sturdy. 🙂
      Thanks for the like!


      1. I am certain they are sturdy! Raul loved my forwarding him this article you posted. Tomorrow is karaoke night for us with friends coming over for adobo, lumpias, coconut curried chicken and chop suey (Philippine-style of course) and pancit . If I’m even able to sing after all that it’ll be a miracle. I sing all the Frank Sinatra ones, and he sings all the Martin Nevera ones. (smile)


      2. Thanks for the forward. If only I have the magic carpet to join you guys….LOL! Enjoy the food and all the singing. Filipinos don’t go without Karaoke and all the fun with it. Happy weekend to both of you.


      3. I wish your bamboo bike had wings to fly you here!


      4. Me too! I definitely need one right now 😉


    1. Thanks so much for the like 😉


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