My nephew, the card stacker

My nephew, Troy, promised me, he will build me some more. Danke Troy! He is 12 years old and hopes to be like Bryan Berg some day. He lives in Germany and enjoys building buildings when he is not in school. One tall tower took him 5 hours to make. Amazing kid…He might be the first Engineer or Architect in the family!

“Ich Liebe Dich Troy”

28 thoughts on “My nephew, the card stacker

  1. Wow he as an amazing talent!:) when I was a kid I also used to do that too but there was always someone who blew it off! Nice card buildings 🙂


      1. De nada 🙂 the last one is very impressive and when looking at the pictures I wonder if some building structures actually look like that! Happy Easter for you too 🙂


  2. You wrote don’t eat a lot in Easter. If you write ‘caramelos’ after ‘demasiados’ it will be what youre trying to say. ‘no comas demasiados caramelos en Pascua’. It’s nice meeting nice people like you through blogging 🙂


      1. That’s great! Blogging is definelty one of the best places to meet people and share your writing, I’m loving it too!


      1. Thank you a lot! That would mean a lot. I am just trying to improve my writing skills, hoping someday will get better.


    1. I showed his Grandmother his works and she loved it! We chat a lot in Facebook and promised me more…Will try to get more of him building legos and dominos. They are massive. Thanks for the wonderful comment..;)


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