27 thoughts on “Do you practice Law of Attraction?

  1. I had an amazing experience the other day where I was writing in a journal and drew a picture of a black turtleneck sweater as part of my ideal wardrobe. I was playing around with sketching pictures and realized that I had most things on my list except needed a new black turtleneck. I wrote a bunch of other dream goals that day, and wrote that the clothes would be the easiest.

    That same afternoon my mom called to ask me if I would like a black turtleneck sweater because she wanted to buy me one. It was one of the strangest things since I hadn’t discussed wanting or needing any clothes with her.

    It seems to me that a sense of playfulness attracts more good luck for me than obsessing over an idea. Also, believing it will be easy seems to have an effect on speed.

    Most of the time, I also have to work for my dreams, but it was fun to have a desire come so easily. 🙂


    • Dear Karen,

      Thank you so much for the like and taking your time to comment at my most recent post.
      Anyways, yes, it is nice to have a dream desire come so quickly. I sometimes dream of something and the next day I get it. But sometimes, I dream of something but it takes a million years to get it. But if dreams don’t come true, I kinda revise it were it is more feasible and durable.

      I have one tip for you, when you spray a cologne before heading out, say give me good luck. Say it many times, it works for me. 🙂 LOL……Trust me, you will come to me and say, “damn your right.”

      Okay, I wish you the very best in life and hope that continuous luck and happiness will come your way.

      Happy weekend!

      Best, Jenny


  2. Dream boards work wonders. I’ve done them in the past and manage to create everything on them. I’ve been studying Law of Attraction with Abraham for about 10 years and my life has been awesome ever since.


  3. I’m on my 3rd year of practicing this. So far so good (even of it turns bad just like I always say, “I’ve already made the decision regrets are unnecessary.)


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