My Blind Date with Long Island Ice Tea

Left my house a little late because of the rain..Thinking it was a Saturday, I left for SM Mega-Mall at Ortigas. Wrong choice, I forgot it was Friday and payday. The line to ride the cab felt like a mile. There were no taxi cabs except people trying to hawk us to ride with them for a price of P500-P700.  Hell no Jose! So I left the line, and walked over to Shangrila Hotel. While heading there, there were cabs that stopped by but did not want to go my way, so pissed.  So I looked at the hotel, why not have one drink and get a cab that way..So now, here I am alone and drinking Long Island Ice Tea and the same time, blogging away…Oops I just ordered another round..

12 thoughts on “My Blind Date with Long Island Ice Tea

    1. Yup, I would rather spend the money that way than be robbed by a taxi driver. Hardly do this though as it can be expensive….Stayed till 2 am…
      Thank you for commenting. Have a Blessed Easter ahead.



      1. The reason I was laughing to myself, is that we had to kill a few hours awhile back, and tried to do it in Shangrila, too. Sounds like you really got your money’s worth!


      2. Definitely, I got my moneys worth….It’s normal to get stuck that way in Manila due to the best way to have fun instead of getting mad is to look for the nearest hotel or hot spot till it cools down……… 😉


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