Breakfast Sunrise

Good morning everyone,

Its Sunday here in Philippines, the best time to be out since you are not dealing with traffic. One more week before Holy Week, so most of the population will be heading in the province so Manila will be dead and all shops will be close to commemorate the life of Jesus Christ. Am thinking of seeing my family but I will wait after Holy Week since everything is booked right now.

Currently in UCC Cafe @ Glorrietta 3 Makati, waiting for my breakfast.  I ordered Breakfast Sunrise with orange and ice coffee. Yum yum…been craving for this since I woke up hours ago so here I am. The picture was borrowed from another wordpress site at

 Will go to Golds Gym after this to settle my membership.  I completely regretted signing up while on probation so now that I am not working, I am stuck to pay the rest of my membership with a higher premium. What a crap!!!! Oh well, perhaps, it will force me to really go to the gym this time….

Oops, breakfast is here…

Get back to yah!!!!!!

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