For the Man Who Can’t Break Even – The Script (Dublin Inc. Acoustic Medley) – YouTube

Hello Everyone!

Here is my promise to my nephew, Rhett.  ( the one with the glasses 😉 )

The singers are Linda Davis, Miky Tayoba, and Rhett. Thomas Mcarthy on Cajon, Trevor Fields on electric guitar and Produced by Sam Bashor. They started as friends and decided to form a band late 2011 in Santa Clarita, California.

Go check them out!

Dublin Inc.

Hope you guys enjoy! 😀

Please like and Follow Dublin Inc. at: 

FACEBOOK: Dublin Inc.

TWITTER: Dublin Inc.

Thanks you to Trevor Field for recording and editing the song

Hayden Scott for standing in for electric guitar

Nate Bashor for lending the camera, ligthing equipment, and editing software

Linda Davis – Vocals

Everett Bichara – Vocals

Miky Tayoba – Vocals/Acoustic Guitar

Thomas McCarthy – Percussion

Trevor Field – Recording Artist/ Sound Editor/Electric Guitar

Sam Bashor – Producer/Video Recorder/Video Editor

26 Comments Add yours

  1. stuartart says:

    Wow, they sound great! Love the Buddy Holly glasses. 🙂


  2. clownonfire says:

    This is great! They must be thrilled you shared…
    Le Clown


    1. Yeah my nephew was thrilled 😉


  3. marviiilous says:

    great voices. love it!


  4. They are really good! Great song; did they write it? I loved it.


    1. Yes they did
      Thanks Tilly for stopping by 😉


      1. It’s great. Do they have a website?


      2. Only Facebook and Twitter..I have a link on my post 😉


      3. I missed that; Ill check again.


      4. Thanks again 😉


  5. Talented bunch! Thanks for sharing it here….!


    1. Thanks so much 😉


  6. Reblogged this on The Laughing Housewife and commented:
    These guys are really good; check them out.


    1. Thank you again Tilly 😉


  7. Stefania says:

    Jenny, I listened with pleasure sing the song where your nephew. I like very much! Your grandson is a handsome man and has a beautiful voice. The asemeanea and his partners. Thank you so much for having shared with us.
    Have a wonderful day! big hugs, my sweet friend, Jenny! 🙂


    1. Thank you Stefania! Rhett is my nephew not my grandson 😉 Only 40 and do not have children!


  8. Jenny, These guys are awesome…the young lady can sing like a bird in the morning…the song is tight with a nice hook, harmonies are wonderful, and the arrangement is crisp. These kids got talent…what do they have planned? Is there a back up band? Are they gigging anywhere?

    Be encouraged!


    1. Thanks Stephen! You always give the best encouragement…I have no idea on the gig part as I am based in Asia..Perhaps in the near future..


  9. OH wow! This is a great rendition of the original…I looove this! You are very lucky to have a talented nephew =)


    1. Thanks Frances…He is very talented indeed…


  10. They are awesome! I am following them on Twiiter.


    1. Thanks Resa and thanks again for the following in Twitter..will let him know 😉


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