Stacey Kramer: The best gift I ever survived

Photo Source Ted Blog

Photo Source Ted Blog

She is right….I faced something that was unexpected, unwanted and uncertain but when I look at it, it was more like a gift. My benign ovarian tumor on my right ovaries was a huge wake-up call for me.  Before that, I did not really value my health.  I smoked like crazy, ate unhealthy food and had very little exercise. But since this health scare, I have quit smoking for two weeks now and started eating healthy food. Lost weight and feels cleaner inside and out.  However, the cravings of nicotine is still very strong but I try to keep my mind busy. Yes, it cost me money on the surgery but if a tumor grew on my ovaries, it can happen in my lungs…So I quit.

“The next time you face something that’s unexpected, unwanted, and uncertain, consider that it just may be a gift.”

Stacey Kramer

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  1. Very moving video. I wonder at what point she viewed it as a gift?



  2. That’s quite a gift, and a newly found appreciation for life! ♥



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