Aura Elite Magazine (UK): Ronna Lara-Bes and Her Koi Fish Paintings

My seventh contribution – Aura Elite Magazine Issue 7 (Jay-R Cover Philippines King of R&B) “Ronna Lara-Bes and Her Koi Fish Paintings.”

Thank you Dee Sanchez, Chief Editor of Aura and  thank you Ronna Lara-Bes for allowing me to showcase your Koi fish paintings.

AURA Elite International Magazine – Issue No. 7 – Art Contributor

In the field of traditional art, Ronna Lara-Bes work has been described as possessing clean lines and shades and having that tri-dimensional effect. Her choices of mediums are of oil, acrylic and watercolour for paintings and resins and 3D-printing for sculptures. She shifts from one to another to keep her approach constantly fresh, yet maintaining her unique artistic identity. This is yet another manifestation of her multi-faceted nature in which one common denominator among all her work is that they revolve around artistic pursuits such endeavors have dominated her life for as long as she can remember.

Ronna is a graduate of Architecture from the University of Santo Tomas. Her professional life is dedicated to creativity and the teaching of it. Her early years saw her as a fashion designer; then, as an architectural visualizer, product designer, 3D animator, photographer and visual effects artist. She is currently a member of the faculty in Feati University’s School of Fine Arts, teaching Photography & Digital Arts Process.

In November 2014, she held a successful solo show at the Art Elements Gallery, and it showcased her artistic range. Her works had been exhibited in the Philippines, Bacolod, Rome, Vienna & Leeds. They have graced homes and other spaces across eight countries and four continents.

Koi fish paintings series of Ronna plays an important role in the World of Feng Shui. Feng Shui is the art of creating a healthy balance of our lives and environment that surrounds us. In Chinese “Feng” is wind and “Shui” is water. These are the two natural elements that flow and circulate freely on earth, creating a life energy known as ‘Chi’ that shapes our living environment. This is definitely a good choice of gift to give a love one to bring abundance and wealth in their lives.

AURA Elite International Magazine – Issue No. 7 – Art Contributor

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