Ronna Lara-Bes and Her Good Luck Koi Fish Paintings

Ronna’s #goodluck #koifish #paintings series of plays an important role in the World of #FengShui. Feng Shui is the #art of creating a healthy balance of our lives and environment that surrounds us. These #artworks are the perfect #gift for #Christmas. Please help support a dedicated, hardworking #FilipinaArtist and her continued growth through the purchase of her beloved #koi’s for you, family, or friends.

“Tiinz” Taruc Impressionistic Art

“I went to The Louvre Museum in Paris in the early 1980’s and I fell in love with impressionist painting. Since then, the rest is history.”

Filipino Artist: Wiljun”Jay”Magsino—His art and his poetry

Wiljun “Jay” Magsino closes influence and inspiration is his father who dabbled in metal art craft as his hobby. Since childhood, his love for drawing was evident.  Mostly self-taught, he learned the basics of drawing by reading books about art and observing the works of other artists. His art education begun when he was in…

Artist Profile: Kitty Taniguchi Who Took Art To The Next Level

Kitty Taniguchi‘s is a champion of feminine aesthetic and is among the few Filipina painters who had successfully intruded upon a male-dominated art world—a feat back then. A veteran painter who has devotedly explored and experimented themes of femininity and all of women representation’s that challenged the perception and interpretation of social and cultural conventions….

Artist Profile: Q&A with Joel Masaya and his Filipinism Art

When an artist says he is into Filipinism, one automatically associates it with pastoral life and rural Philippines. However, Filipinism in the past was viewed as very limiting but now; it is more of a blessing –artists like Joel Masaya gives his art a little spin by capturing the image with his brushes rather than…

Featured Artist: Sr. Venus Marie S. Pegar

Meet Sr. Venus Marie Pegar, the nun who paints on the side. She started drawing at an early age and continued her artistic pursuit even when she made the VOW to be God’s servant. She said she is grateful that her congregation, Sisters of St. Francis Xavier, supports her artistry but her community outreach will…

Featured Artist: Marilyn Santos-De Lima

Marylyn like me started joining artist groups. In the beginning, she would just like all the art works until she started painting. A self-taught artist, guided by her Master artist friends from 4S Group Style Stroke Sketches Society made her more confident to pursue arts. I came across Marilyn Santos-De Lima @ AFKN Filipino Art…