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My dad, his kids and the Vespa (1960s)

Yesterday, while browsing my FaceBook wall, I came across a photograph that my cousin shared from All About 1960 Facebook Page.  A closer look of the post, A red Volks Patrol Car cruising Dewey Blvd. by JC,” I realized that it was my Dad on the Vespa with 4 of my siblings.(Not yet born yet) Unbeknownst to my cousin, he did not realize it was his Uncle on the picture.  Back in the sixties, he had several Lambretta’s and Vespa’s. After work, he would take the kids for a ride.  Back then, Dewey Blvd. now Roxas Blvd., had no traffic and no strict enforcement on tandem rides with children. What a coincidence, ironic shot though as the police didn’t even stop my dad with his kids on the Vespa.  According to JC who posted the picture, it was Captain Hutchkins, an American Veteran, who gave him the well preserved picture to post. My sister-in-law emailed JC asking if Captain Hutchkins is still alive….so we are still waiting for an answer. Cannot wait to track him down and say our thank you’s.  What a beautiful memory of my father!

RIP Papa! Love you always…

My dad, his kids and the Vespa
My dad, his kids and the Vespa (1960s)

FacebookWire Press Release: Jennysserendipity.com is in Facebook!

Jenny's Serendipity Press Release with Facebook

Jenny’s Serendipity Facebook Page

Disclaimer: No such thing as FacebookWire and oh yeah, Mark Z. never said that!

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Happy Banana Split Friday!

TGIF Friday Humor – LOL

Have a happy weekend everyone!

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You are the product!

Source Photo: Doug Savage of Savage Chickens

Perseverance, hard work and knowing how to use your creativity will bring you wonders. Knowing how to sell yourself virtually and in real life is one big plus as

You are the product!

Me with Don Ramon of Bignay Wine (Gainza Trade Fair)

Happy birthday to me!

OMG its my 41st birthday!

Time flies indeed.

I wish I could be partying with you guys in blogosphere

so sending you a funny Happy Birthday video courtesy of Meryartist .

Its been a wonderful and surprising year for me.

Thank you for all the visits, the likes, the very sweet comments and most of all, your following!

“You were born an original. Don’t die a copy.”
John Mason

Happy birthday to me!

Happy Birthday Card: Fun Munch

Happy TGIF Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!

“I always give 100% at work:
13% Monday
22% Tuesday
26% Wednesday
35% Thursday
4% Friday”

Source Quote: Think Exist

Follow your passion

If you surround yourself with what you are passionate about, your competitors won’t stand a chance. Look for something you would do for free and then find a way to make money by doing what you love the most.

Photo Source: HUGH MACLEOD
Source Quote: Thomas A Capone

Defend Yourself from a Bully

Inspired by a true event from a Text Message Attack:

The only way to keep your mind from going crazy is to know how to defend your pride from bullies. When you know you are right; then, it is okay to stand and fight to the black knight. Never surrender and show no fear whatsoever. Always appear serene even if you are pissed. Always look angry and mean but always be calm and collected inside. Plan you’re taught of action while expecting the unexpected. Disarm yourself when time calls for you to neutralize.

Like a dance number, see an opening and exit when it is time to bow from the crowd. Don’t let captivating blow come to pass and always, act fast and reserve because you know your right.

Next time that dark knight will think a million times before he/or she will come your way!


Study Finds Newborn Infants Can Tell If Parents Are Losers | The Onion – America’s Finest News Source

Your a looser mum!

Study Finds Newborn Infants Can Tell If Parents Are Losers | The Onion – America’s Finest News Source.

Onion your the best.

Laugh out loud article!