Defend Yourself from a Bully

Inspired by a true event from a Text Message Attack:

The only way to keep your mind from going crazy is to know how to defend your pride from bullies. When you know you are right; then, it is okay to stand and fight to the black knight. Never surrender and show no fear whatsoever. Always appear serene even if you are pissed. Always look angry and mean but always be calm and collected inside. Plan you’re taught of action while expecting the unexpected. Disarm yourself when time calls for you to neutralize.

Like a dance number, see an opening and exit when it is time to bow from the crowd. Don’t let captivating blow come to pass and always, act fast and reserve because you know your right.

Next time that dark knight will think a million times before he/or she will come your way!


22 thoughts on “Defend Yourself from a Bully

  1. Jenny, I am absolutely against physical and verbal aggression, so I think that the best way to get rid of the perpetrator is to avoid him.
    I know this is labeled as cowardice but is beneficial to me.
    Have a wonderful day! 🙂


  2. Some great advice.. while I am usually successful at avoiding bullies, I will stand my ground and defend myself..


  3. You have picked what often stirs a pot in the press.

    I think we humans find ourselves on both sides of this fence as the bully and the bullied. I use a definition which is fairly broad, “to use coercion of force to achieve an end.” There are many types of bullying to include physical, emotional, and political. I feel the media and politicians tend to hijack issues such as this which should be handled at a local level. I do not believe any person should allow themselves to be continuously bullied or run from every bully.

    Bullies usually have something missing; they have a hurt and fell to cope well on occasion and some at every opportunity. Certainly we should seek to friend, forestall, and only then fight. These steps may come in any order.

    I surely like your Olive Oil graphic. Great post and topic.


  4. A very timely post. Bullying should “never” be tolerated. It has to stop where it starts . It is important to protect ourselves from it, particularly the young minds who are so vulnerable. Thanks for sharing.


    1. Thanks so much for liking and commenting on my post.
      I think bullies has become more aggressive because of social medial.
      A sad but true phenomenon happening around the world right now.


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