I am now a proud mother of three kitties!!!!!!


Few weeks ago I adopted a stray cat.  She keeps on coming to my place so I eventually let her stay with me not knowing the cat was pregnant.  One day she gave birth and chose my closet to give birth to three little kitties. Many say when a cat chooses your home and you let the cat in, more so the cat gives birth in your place…It means nothing but LUCK, LUCK AND LOTS OF LUCK….. I will surely take that. 😉

Let me say, am truly blessed for all the showered blessings God has given me for the past few months. Now, I have not named the kitties yet.  Shall I call each one LUCKY? What do you think?

I love the three kitties!!!!!!!

21 thoughts on “I am now a proud mother of three kitties!!!!!!

  1. They are absolutely beautiful…please keep them so they can be together for the rest of their lives…how truly wonderful…always a sucker for little kitties…pups…cats…dogs…you name it…be encouraged!


  2. I took in an all White female stray who is almost identical to this kitty. She came to us about 3 years ago and always had sores forming on her ears which became unbearable for her. So I took her to the vets and he suggested that we have her ears taken off. Basically it’s the only thing that can be done and with the ears off and the pain gone she’s a new cat with a new lease of life. We call her rodina and she’s now part of the family. She has bright blue eyes and we’re just blessed to have her around. An amazing kitty.


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