About making choices

This post is about making choices; I feel I have to motivate myself to make that change. It’s tough but I do really have to make that change. Don’t you wish everything goes smoothly in life that all the time, we don’t encounter any setbacks? No problems. Everything is perfect in this world.

I need to decide!

Yes, it is very disappointing but it all happens to all of us. Nothing is perfect in this very imperfect world even the lucky ones encounter problems. There will come a time when faced with a dilemma; one has to make a choice – one or two choices. I sometimes flip a coin but only the simple choices I do that. Disappointing, yes, but hey – what can I do? One choice can affect the other choice so I will go with my gut instinct and see what happens so I will motivate myself and move forward.

Yes or No…

If it is meant to be, it will always be for me but like I always said, a bad experience can also be a good one in the long run.

Knowing me, perseverance is my strongest quality and not all people know this. I do not quit. I never give up. I never ever will let it stop me. I do not let one bad experience hinder me from anything under the sun. If I have to dive the sea of uncertainty, I will do it. When the picture doesn’t fit; do not force it.

Its time…

1st Photo Credit: Forza
2nd Photo Credit: Listverse

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  1. You will persevere! So will I!


  2. stuartart says:

    Choices. If only we all realised that it is WE that are making and creating the circumstances in our lives via the choices we make. Life is not happening TO us but rather THROUGH us. Let’s look at the choices we are making in our lives. Let’s realise that we DO have choices at every moment, whether we want to pay the consequences for those choices is another matter. Let’s begin with being honest with ourselves, most of the time when we say we DON’T have a choice – what we’re really saying is: I’m afraid. And there’s nothing wrong with being afraid.


    1. Thank you so much Stuart and you are right. When we say, we do not have a choice but we are simply saying we are afraid. It is okay to be afraid as I was afraid many times in my life. This is when the risk factor comes in. Whatever happens, I will make that choice and will deal with the consequences later. This is how we grow up. Accepting our choices and learning from it. Thank you once again for inspiring me.


  3. stuartart says:

    You’re very welcome Jenny. Hey, I’ve started doing interviews over on my blog, would you be interested in doing one?


      1. How will we go about it?


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